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In the spotlight

In the Spotlight

New Residential Lot Drainage Ordinance

The Board of County Commissioners adopted new residential lot drainage and floor elevation standards at their March 31, 2015 Regular meeting. 
Lot Drainage Ordinance
Permit applications submitted on or after April 13, 2015 for new single family residences, substantial improvements affecting drainage and additions to residences must be in compliance with the new ordinance standards. 


 Code changes take effect June 30, 2015

The 5th edition of the Florida Building Code is scheduled to take effect June 30, 2015.  Permit application received on or after this date must comply with the new code.  The new 5th Edition of the Florida Building Code can be viewed online at


The Building Code Division is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Florida Building Code and County ordinances regulating building construction. This is accomplished through the building permit process that includes review and inspection of projects for compliance with building codes.

The Building Code Division also coordinates the building permit “One Stop Review” process. The One Stop process incorporates multiple County development agencies review of building projects through the building permit process providing our customers a single permit and point of contact. These related agencies include project review for Zoning and Land Development regulations, Fire Prevention, and the Natural Resource Management Office.

Monthly Issued Permits

File NameSizeUploaded on
Permits Issued 2012-01 January 637.75 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2012-02 February 633.91 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2012-03 March 787.19 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2012-04 April 768.71 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2012-05 May 825.74 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2012-06 June 800.20 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2012-07 July 801.00 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2012-08 August 746.06 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2012-09 September 660.96 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2012-10 October 781.58 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2012-11 November 589.36 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2012-12 December 534.45 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2013-01 January 648.59 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2013-02 February 643.96 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2013-03 March 730.43 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2013-04 April 856.03 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2013-05 May 879.11 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2013-06 June 835.30 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2013-07 July 848.14 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2013-08 August 818.04 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2013-09 September 693.75 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2013-10 October 769.66 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2013-11 November 616.97 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2013-12 December 607.86 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2014-01 January 715.06 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2014-02 February 754.87 KB03/03/2014
Permits Issued 2014-03 March 868.34 KB04/02/2014
Permits Issued 2014-04 April 898.44 KB05/06/2014
Permits Issued 2014-05 May 922.22 KB07/02/2014
Permits Issued 2014-06 June 854.14 KB07/02/2014
Permits Issued 2014-07 July 966.23 KB08/05/2014
Permits Issued 2014-08 August 875.87 KB09/02/2014
Permits Issued 2014-09 September 794.11 KB10/01/2014
Permits Issued 2014-10 October 885.69 KB11/05/2014
Permits Issued 2014-11 November 649.05 KB12/04/2014
Permits Issued 2014-12 December 718.47 KB01/06/2015
Permits Issued 2015-01 January 884.28 KB02/03/2015
Permits Issued 2015-02 February 787.42 KB03/02/2015
Permits Issued 2015-03 March 1.06 MB04/01/2015
Permits Issued 2015-04 April 1.05 MB05/06/2015
Permits Issued 2015-05 May 905.12 KB06/04/2015

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