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All Building Permit Forms in alphabetical order

File NameSizeUploaded on
Additions and Alterations Package 194.06 KB07/01/2015
Application for Building Permit 35.27 KB07/01/2015
Asbestos Notification Statement - Contractor 58.05 KB07/01/2015
Asbestos Notification Statement - Owner 62.08 KB07/01/2015
Buffer Letter 28.63 KB11/19/2012
Change Document Submittal 78.26 KB07/01/2015
Change of Contractor 70.05 KB07/01/2015
Change of Owner 66.14 KB07/01/2015
Change of Subcontractor 70.35 KB07/01/2015
Commercial New Package 201.50 KB07/01/2015
Concurrent Code Review Request 62.50 KB07/01/2015
Contractor One Time Authorization 60.58 KB07/01/2015
Demolition Package 190.00 KB07/01/2015
Document Submittal 78.26 KB07/01/2015
Early Start Permit 14.55 KB11/19/2012
Electric Service Diagram 68.15 KB07/01/2015
Generator Permitting and Installation Guide 65.31 KB07/01/2015
Hold Harmless Agreement 18.49 KB06/10/2013
Hurricane Mitigation Supplemental Fasteners 95.29 KB12/21/2012
Hurricane Mitigation Supplemental Fasteners 5th Edition 112.35 KB07/01/2015
Land Clearing and Landscaping Information 25.75 KB12/20/2012
Manufactured Building Package 193.59 KB07/01/2015
Manufactured Home Installation Information 95.22 KB07/01/2015
Marine Turtle Protection Affidavit 24.58 KB12/20/2012
MarineAffidavit 56.68 KB07/01/2015
Minor Project Package 192.96 KB07/01/2015
Notice of Commencement 38.69 KB12/20/2012
Notice of Commencement Filing Affidavit 58.06 KB07/01/2015
Owner Authorization for Renter 60.67 KB07/01/2015
Owner Builder Application for Contractor Exemption 80.65 KB07/01/2015
Photovoltaic System Installation Requirements 24.71 KB07/01/2015
Pool Package 188.53 KB07/01/2015
Potable Water Capacity Availability Certificate form 16.32 KB01/08/2013
Product Approval Affidavit 91.97 KB07/01/2015
Product Approval Submittal 165.38 KB11/19/2012
Request for Safety Inspection 65.62 KB07/01/2015
Residential Swimming Pool Spa Hot Tub Safety Act 65.44 KB07/01/2015
Scope of Work 55.07 KB07/01/2015
Single Family Residence Submittal Guide 185.23 KB07/01/2015
Stucco Plaster Lath Diagram 187.08 KB11/19/2012
Subcontractor One Time Authorization 97.69 KB07/01/2015
Tech Tools 64.61 KB01/22/2013
Temporary CO Application 74.86 KB07/01/2015
Temporary Sign Application 85.43 KB07/01/2015
Threshold Affidavit - Owner 58.90 KB07/01/2015
Threshold Affidavit - Special Inspector 61.14 KB07/01/2015
Used Mobile Home Affidavit 60.04 KB07/01/2015

All Impact Fee Forms in alphabetical order

All Land Development (Subdivisions and Site Plans) Forms in alphabetical order

File NameSizeUploaded on
Authorization to Act as Applicant 92.00 KB12/27/2012
Concurrency Application 140.31 KB01/08/2013
Document Submittal for Subsequent Reviews 53.75 KB01/09/2013
Engineering Inspection Fees form 88.24 KB12/27/2012
Engineering Revision Application 364.13 KB12/27/2012
Land Development Application 237.36 KB02/13/2013
Land Development Waiver Form 23.54 KB12/27/2012
Pre App Waiver 81.26 KB02/20/2013
Pre Application Meeting Schedule 60.71 KB01/08/2013
Pre-App-Mtg-Schd-2015 12.75 KB12/04/2014
Sidewalk Assessment Agreement 13.41 KB12/27/2012
Subdivision Infrastructure Contract 55.46 KB12/05/2014
Submittal for Subsequent Reviews 53.75 KB12/27/2012
Unpaved Roads - Submittal Guide 153.89 KB11/19/2012
Zoning LDD 99 Form 85.95 KB12/27/2012

All Licensing Forms in alphabetical order

File NameSizeUploaded on
2016 State Certified Contractor Repository Form 85.41 KB06/29/2015
Complaint Form 58.10 KB06/15/2015
Contractor Exam Application 232.69 KB12/27/2013
Contractor Reciprocity Application 1.16 MB12/27/2013
Exam & Testing Information 145.30 KB12/27/2013
Master / Journeyman Exam Application 197.05 KB12/27/2013
Master / Journeyman Reciprocity Application 180.41 KB12/27/2013
Outgoing Reciprocity Letter Request 160.78 KB11/14/2013
Transfer Application 851.15 KB12/27/2013

All Zoning Forms in alphabetical order

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